To Our Customers:

Welcome to Pepin Farm Implements, a 5-generation, family-owned & operated business. Pepin is a small town (less than 1000 people) located along the Mississippi River in Scenic Western Wisconsin. In the late 19th century, we were a small blacksmith shop, and in the early 20th century we manufactured single tree neck yokes for the horse drawn farm implement era. In 1931 we were incorporated as Northern Wisconsin Manufacturing, our facility expanded and our production of harrows and drawbars began.

At this time we sold to two major Midwest distributors, who are no longer in the tillage business. Due to the decline of the ag markets in the early 80’s, we decided to sell direct to our dealers instead of only the distributors. Since this geographic area could no longer be categorized as Northern Wisconsin, we once again changed our name to Pepin Farm Implements. We are pleased to report that selling direct to our dealers has been good for everyone involved. We are able to have more contact with you, the farmer, and are better able to fit your needs.

We began by manufacturing harrows and drawbars, and we still do that better than anyone. However, we now have a complete line of many other types of tillage equipment. We’re sure, as you look through our website, you can find the type of tillage equipment you’re looking for.

We are here to serve our customers. If you have any questions concerning our products we will be glad to answer them for you. Our dealers can call us direct to place an order. We only ask the farmers to go through a reliable dealer to order our products, as we will work with any dealer you want to work with. If you do not know of a dealer in your area we will be glad to help you find one, just call us.