The 3-section “HD-321” (Shown above) comes with a long pole for hitching to a disc or field cultivator as Standard equipment, and will accommodate any of our 5-bar sections.

The ease, safety and speed of a hydraulic cylinder raises and lowers the harrow sections for truly labor-saving harrowing and weeding. It is the trailer-mounted hydraulic drawbar and transport that raises and lowers sections by merely flipping the hydraulic lever. The cart frame is a heavy-duty frame – All welded construction, equipped with 15” D.C. wheels with tapered roller bearing hubs. The lift arms with a high arch give harrow sections maximum clearance. These units use a standard, double acting 8” stroke hydraulic cylinders. This cylinder is furnished.

How the Hydraulic Harrow Drawbar Folds for Transporting:

HD-40B, HD-46B and HD-47B – Four section. (Shown at right)
The outer section on each end folds forward. Four-section units are two sections wide in transport position, while the HD-321 is 1 section wide in transport..

HDPE-60 Pole Extension is available for tandem operations on the 4 section units. The HD-321 comes standard with a long pole.


Hydraulic Wheel Drawbars
With Hydraulic Cylinder
HD-321Three-Section Hydraulic Drawbar,
HD-40BHydraulic Wheel Drawbar, four
section with 15” DC Wheels

Width 24’2” will handle 5’ & 5 ½’ closed & open end sections –
plus 6’ open end sections.
HD-46BHydraulic Wheel Drawbar, four
section with 15” DC Wheels

Width 26’4” will handle 6 1/2’ open end – and 6’ closed end
HD-47BHydraulic Wheel Drawbar, four
section with 15” DC Wheels

Width 28’6” will handle 6 1/2’ & 7’ closed & open end sections.
HDPE-60Pole Extension – 5’0”65